Bail Bonds in Rockville

Bail Bonds in Rockville


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When arrested in the City of Rockville if you are not bailed out you will most likely end up in Solano County main jail. The Solano County main jail is located at: 

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Solano County Justice Center
500 Union Ave
Fairfield, Ca 94533
Bail Desk : 916-295-1809 

Rockville and other small cities will hold inmates at the local police station or the city jail if available for a short time before transporting them to the Solano County Justice Center Jail. If your loved one has been arrested and is being held in the city of Rockville, make the call to 510 Bail Bond (916) 295-1809. Bailing out from the local jails will speed release times considerably. Don’t let your loved one spend one minute longer in jail then they have to. Call now, bail now. See our Fremont Bail Bonds, Oakland bail bonds or Sacramento Bail Bonds based bail bonds web sites for more information regarding bail bonds in other cities.

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